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Architects FULTON +  SALOMON  is headed by Geoffrey Fulton, an Australian trained architect and Carla Kerkering, a German trained interior architect. Our interest is in unique, creative sustainable economical building architecture using "conventional" and imaginative construction systems and we specialize in shipping container based building architecture and "flat pack" prefab building design for owner builders and remote locations.
We provide two types of architectural services, one where we provide a full design, documentaTion and project overseeing service to completion of the building development ready for move in. The other is a very easy affordable-to-everyone professional service where you pay-as-you-go for design expertise for as little of the services or as much as you desire.
For further details of these services or to answer any question, please click on "Contact Us" and fill in the questionaire and we will respond within 24 hours..
We are now working on and are interested in working on new projects worldwide!
We invite you to read our newsletter to learn what we are currently achieving... it might well be exactly what you are looking for and at the right cost.
We have now found a rural property of over 200 acres for a special retirement lifestyle village, and are preparing a presentation to the local community to gain their support before going to local council then the state government. However, no matter where you are in the world, if you have a property preferably with a water frontage of some kind at a location that you consider attractive for retirees, please get in touch with us. If you know a property developer who is bleeding because his conventional subdivision is not selling due to the current financial crisis, get him to contact us for a meeting. This is a huge opportunity for a very unique eco-sensitive development! To any considering a change of lifestyle, change of home location, considering moving to a retirement community, we would like to hear from you. We will put you on our coming newsletter mailing list. There is a possibility that we will be establishing a  very unique community at an ideallic location where those participating will be able to get in on the ground floor and participate in the development investment!!
The concept is described on our "Vineyard Villages" page.
For inquirers from Australia and other countries, please go to our "CONTACT US" page and answer the questions asked then send them as part of your email to us.
 We can then give you a fast considered and reliable response.
or telephone +61 (03) 52619422
Welcome to our temporary architectural website. It's a template site we picked up from Microsoft Office Live while we are building our new exciting architect's website specializing in minimalist architecture using conventional sustainable building methods and shipping container building and home design. In the meantime, we will keep adding to this site, so please be patient and visit us again! 
One of our container based houses was selected to be featured in the up-coming very popular TV show
(Go to Container Houses on the menu) 
Another television program that has seen what we have designed using shipping containers has invited us to provide another project that they want to film from start to finish for showing on their national program. So if you would like to have your next unusual and exciting home featured on the program, contact us SOON!
At Architects Fulton + Salomon we think outside the square...but inside the box!  

And the box is a 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container! 

At DesignEX 2009, that closed on May 2, 2009, we premiered and released the amazing  


 The response was amazing! So much enthusiastic comment from our professional peers about this luxury 1 bedroom house in a single 40 foot shipping container! We designed and built the container home ourselves to show the world that living in a modified shipping container is far from slum living. It has worked! We have created many container based designs for many uses. Think of a use and we can provide you with a design.




We don’t only work with single shipping container houses. We have designed a 650 sq.m. residence and 6 unit bed & breakfast facility  to be built at Orlando, Florida using 29 shipping containers. Another upmarket complex in Oakland, Florida is a 7000 sq.ft house, granny flat, boathouse and houseboat, constructed from 16 X 40ft and 6 X 20ft shipping containers

(In the last few days we have unofficial enthusiastic support for the project from the local authorities!)

At Glaziers Bay in Tasmania, we have created a two storey executive retreat using 5 X 40 foot and 2 X 20 foot containers. 

At Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, we designed a 5 bedroom house and arts centre using 12 containers. The complex has been built by the owner and her young adult children.

Just outside Melbourne, we have created a new single storey house from 11 shipping containers.

A new project has been designed for construction at La Trobe University Campus. It is a school for mentally impaired adults to be constructed from 12 X 20 ft and 14 X 40ft containers.

We are now working on another exciting sustainable house for an English family who have just moved to Australia, a few other interesting houses and a 47 unit student accommodation complex at Randwick, Sydney.

A 20 unit student accommodation development at Newcastle has just gone to council for planning approval. This is a unique project in that we are using larger than standard shipping containers that we will import specially from overseas for this project. They will arrive flat-packed for economical transport! Go to our Architecture page.for details of the Landmax Project


On our "Architecture" page are a few images of some of our conventional residential projects.  

The first is a 3 storey residence at Geelong. 

The second is our own office and residence at The Sands Golf Links Estate, Torquay.


We invite parties to contact us if they are interested in marketing our services outside Australia or partnering with us because we are experienced in shipping container architecture.

Contact us at or telephone: +61 03 52619422


To see more interior fit-outs by Carla Kerkering, we invite you to look at the website of Blue Horizon Interiors Torquay, our strongly recommended and preferred cabinet maker's site. www.



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